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Key Personnel

Laura Lynn Gonzalez
Laura Lynn Gonzalez

Primary Creator, Artist, Science Nerd, and Producer of Content. For over ten years, Gonzalez has been creating media for science education. She has developed products for diverse platforms - from planetarium dome shows to games for PCs, Macs, and mobile devices. Her experience spans scientific visualization, concept development, management of creative teams, and designing production pipelines.

Her biomedically-themed planetarium movies have been shown in science centers and other educational institutions across the US as well as internationally. These movies have reached wide audiences, inspiring them with the beauty of science.

In 2010, she was awarded a grant from the National Science Foundation to pursue her work on Powers of Minus Ten. She continues to update content and platforms, and think of new ways to bring the microverse to you for less than a cup of coffee.*

*It has not been demonstrated that POMT will in fact compare to any cup of coffee, just a fancy one.**

**The FDA has not approved this statement.

Jeston Furqueron

Programmer. Furqueron is interested in interactive real time simulations, rendering, and cross platform multimedia as it pertains to educational software, and advanced input devices including tactile screens and surface projections.

He currently works for Smashing Ideas in Seattle, developing a variety of applications, including Make it Fly for the US Airforce, and StuntBugs, among other titles.

Tyler Bosch

User Interface Design. Bosch has over 7 years experience as a graphic designer, working on everything from editorial design at The Stranger to UX at Microsoft. Currently, he's working at Amazon.com as an interactive designer.

Britta Culbertson

Teacher Consultant. For the last eight years, Culbertson has taught ninth and tenth grade science and visual arts at The Center School in Seattle, Washington. The Center School is a small, arts-integrated public high school where the arts are incorporated in every subject area. She helped create district-wide alignment of science curriculum and served on the science textbook adoption committee for Seattle Public Schools. Culbertson also participated in the Professional Teachers of Science group that created common, district-wide science assessments.

Culbertson strives to integrate technology into her classroom. In 2010, she and some of her students collaborated with GEV on the development of POMT. Because of the success of this project, Culbertson and her colleagues applied for a Mobile Technology Grant and were awarded 15 iPads to use in their classrooms. She is currently serving a year as an Einstein Fellow.

Joana Ricou

Design Advisor. Ricou has experience in scientific literature research, biological visualization, and education development, with expertise in the multimedia production of educational materials across media including videogames, animation, the web, board games and museum displays.


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